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This class is open to any certified microblading technicians regardless of skill level. It is for the machine method technique for lip and eyeliner. ​You will received manual book to study your own before attend the class. During our intimate Course, we will practice on paper, skin pads and live models. You will practice on two live models. 6months refresher support include.

  • Course fee is $3000 + GST (full payment required before the start of the course) 

  • $600 non-refundable deposit to prepare kits and hold your spot

  • Professional starter student kits

  • Semi-private classes only up to 4 students with 2 experts

  • You will get a certificate of completion

  • You will need to bring your own models for the practical portion

  • To finish the course you will need to finish 6 practicals before and after (2 in the class 4 in the home)

  • 18 hours training 


The course includes:​

  • Health and Safety

  • Skin Anatomy-Determining skin types

  • Understanding Skin Undertones

  • Blood basics and Permanent makeup color theory

  • Right Pigment choices for different skin type

  • Consultations – contraindications, consent forms, medical concerns or releases, Patch test before a procedure, and after care

  • Aftercare and healing process

  • lip, eyeliner Shape Design

  • Hands on practice

  • lip, eyeliner Demonstrate Step by Step

  • 2 Live model practices

The starter student kits include:

  • 1 Student Manual, 1 Student kit bag, 1 Plastic wrap roll 

  • 1 Student Machine with foot pedal and power supply control 

  • 3 Numbing creams, 20 Alcohol Wipes, 20 Hair Cap, 1 Face Mask

  • 10 clip cord covers, needle cartridges (student chooses 20),

  • 1 design pen, 1 White Surgical Marker

  • 1Round Ruler4 lip Pigments 

  • 2 Eyeliner pigment (black, orange)1 Microbrush pack, 1 Tweezers

  • 1 Scissors, 1 Pigment cup holder, 20 Pigment Ring Cups,  Q-Tips

  • 50 assorted pigment cups, 6 Practice skin,10 Practice Needles

  • 2 Aftercare package, 1 Binder with student forms ,1 Color wheel

Additional supplies are available for purchase 


  • Enhances individuals with light colored lashes

  • Reduces makeup application time

  • Beneficial to those with eye makeup allergies

  • Adds dimension, definition and/or contour to eyes

  • Gives the appearance of thicker and darker-looking lashes

  • Minimize makeup use for those who want a more natural look

  • Eliminates the stress of applying makeup to create symmetry to both eyes

  • Gives a fuller look and makes small eyes appear bigger

  • Eliminates the sleepy and tired look often experienced by those with deep set eyes 



Permanent makeup is ideal for the person who wants to shorten their time getting ready, feels washed out without makeup on, or has a hard time getting their makeup even. With permanent makeup, you will wake up looking beautiful with a natural look for daytime, and an easy-to-add-to base for times when you want a bolder look.

We take the time to carefully analyze your face, skin tone and bone structure in order to create the best look for you. We will give professional advice based on your needs and goals

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