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Lip tattoo/blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup that enhances the beauty of the natural lip colour, improving the shape, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. A small needles deposit pigment into the lips, which builds layers of colour to give you most natural look when it heals. It will fade over time, and that if you want to keep your lips looking vibrant, top up appointments will be needed to maintain this look. Cosmetic tattoo pigments are made up of smaller molecules than traditional tattoo ink which means that they're able to break down naturally in your body over time. ​Everyone's bodies will process the pigment differently, as well as your lifestyle choices affecting the longevity of the tattoo.




  • Client must not have used Retin A and/or Renova 7 days prior to the area will be treated​ 

  • Client must to refrain from the use of alcohol, caffeine, aspirin, aspirin-containing medications, ibuprofen, or any blood thinners for 24 hours before any permanent makeup procedure. Check with your physician if you are taking any prescription blood thinners (No medication should be discontinued without first consulting your physician)

  • Please see your doctor if you are sensitive to pain or have severe anxiety as your doctor might be able to prescribe something that will help make the permanent makeup procedure more relaxing. If you are having lip procedures and have any history of cold sores or fever blisters (herpes simplex), you will be required to contact your physician to obtain the proper prescription to prevent such outbreaks

  • You will be swollen and red after the procedure so most clients feel it's best not to make any social plans for the same evening or the following day depending on how sensitive your skin is

  • Keep your lips exfoliated, hydrated and in good condition the week of your appointment.  Dry, chapped lips cannot be tattooed easily and your results will be much better if your lips are soft and in good health. Lightly exfoliate lips a few days before service with a light sugar scrub

  • If you have a certain color in mind please bring photos or your own lipstick we can use as a guide when choosing a colour

  • If you've recently had Botox around the mouth area. You must wait 8 weeks before having a brow tattoo to allow the Botox to settle. If you've recently had a lip tattoo and want Botox. You must wait 4 weeks before having Botox to allow the skin heal

After permanent lip application, the area around your lip may experience burning, itching, soreness, painful or a swelling sensation around the lip area for 2 to 48 hours. A little bleeding and bruising may also occur after the lip colour is applied (ice pack application is for helpful to reduce swelling). Also, the lip colour typically appears much darker and slightly uneven for 5-10 days and once any swelling dissipates, unevenness usually disappears. This is a normal part of the body's natural healing process.  DO NOT PANIC!  This is expected. When you apply A and D ointment cream with the q-tip you may see that some colour pigment might come off. After your lip tattoo, dryness and tenderness may continue as well as some tightness. Your lips may feel like they need to crack when you move your mouth. This is normal and your skin healing. You must follow the aftercare instructions provided to you for best results. As the procedure area heals, the color will lighten and sometimes seem to disappear in places. This can be addressed during the follow up appointment, which is why follow up appointments are necessary. The procedure area has to heal completely before we can address any concerns. Healing takes about 4 weeks.   ​


CAUTION: If the skin around the tattooed area breaks into a heat rash, or small pimples, this is usually a reaction to the numbing solution and should go away on its own in a couple of weeks.

DO NOT PICK OR PEEL YOUR SCABS - this may cause uneven colour after healing.


lip healing_edited.jpg




  • Do not get your face wet for 24 hours.

  • Don't pick or peel your scabs - scabs will naturally fall off after 3-7 days.

  • Use an ice pack to reduce swelling.

  • Use the A and D ointment cream as directed. Keep your permanent makeup  moisturized. The A and D ointment cream will help with healing and will help retain colour. After use lip balm for moisture.

  • No sauna, hot yoga or pools for 5-7 days. It will cause the scabs to fall off prematurely and reduce pigmentation.
  • Use straw to drink water.
  • Do not wear makeup for 3-5 days.
  • Do not eat spicy, salty food(anything makes sensitive lip) for 3 days.
  • Do not smoke or drink as it may cause infection and inflammation.


  • Use lip balm to moisturize.

  • After your first session, colour will fade 20-50% depending on skin type and skin condition. After touch-up, the colour will be darker again.

  • During your touch-up appointment, you can always add more colour and change the shape slightly.
  • Touch-up is 4-6 weeks after first session (if you miss your touch-up appointment, it may be an extra charge to reschedule - see the store policy).
  • No alcohol before your touch-up appointment. It may cause more swelling and inflammation.
  • You may be more sensitive to pain during your menstrual cycle.


CONSULTATION - Before treatment, we require some paperwork regarding your health condition. We will briefly talk about any concerns and discuss the best options to achieve your beauty goals.


ANESTHETIC CREAM - This process helps to eliminate pain and requires about 20-30 mins before the permanent makeup procedure.

SHAPE AND DESIGN - We design your lip before we begin. If you have a certain colour in mind please bring photos or your own lipstick we can use as a guide when choosing a colour.

PROCESS - Remain relaxed and comfortable as you are in excellent expert hands. Depending on your service, techniques will be done by machine or hand. Clean, fresh disposable products will be used each time.


COMPLETION - Take a look in the mirror and see your new permanent lip. If any adjustments need to be made this would be the best time to mention it.

PLEASE NOTE: Your lips might be swollen after; we recommend the application of an ice pack to help reduce the swelling. 


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