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Welcome to the ultimate transformative experience for complete beginners in Microblading and Ombre techniques! Step into our intimate course designed to ignite your artistic journey and unlock your brow mastery. From paper to skin pads and live models, our hands-on approach ensures you gain the confidence to create flawless brows. You'll work with three live models, honing your skills to perfection, and after 4-5 weeks, return to give your artistry a touch-up. Get ready to witness your talent blossom in this exclusive, personalized learning environment. Enroll now and discover the artistry that lies within you!

  • Course fee is $2800 + GST (full payment required before the start of the course)  

  • $800 non-refundable deposit to prepare kits and hold your spot

  • Option to purchase professional starter student kits for $350 

  • Semi-private classes. Ask us for date

  • You will get a certificate of completion

  • You will need to bring your own models for the practical portion

  • To finish the course you will need to finish 4 practicals before and after (2 in the class 2 in the home)

  • 18 hours class room training + Home practical

The course includes:​

  • Health and Safety

  • Determining skin types, undertones and colour theory

  • Eyebrow correction options and consultations and after care

  • Eyebrow Shape Design

  • Different hair pattern and hands on practice

  • Eyebrow Demonstrate Step by Step

  • 2 Live model practices

The starter student kits include:

  • 1 Mast machine, 1 Microblading pen, assorted blades, Basic brow pigments

  • Rubber skin pads, pack of micro brush, pigment rings, 

  • Pigment cup holder, Barrier papers

  • Eyebrow design pen, Eyebrow ruler, Tweezer, Scissor, Mapping thread

  • anesthetic cream, Disinfectant spray

Additional supplies are available for purchase 

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